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Petro Lessing Prokureurs / Attorneys & Aktevervaardigers / Conveyancers
Farm Moriah - Hoedspruit

Attending to property transactions. Drafting of agreements of sale and attending to transfer registrations in the various Deeds Offices.
When you buy or sell immovable property, you need an agreement of sale. I can draft the agreement for you or when an estate agent is involved, normally but not necessarily, the parties will use the sales agreement of the estate agent.
A conveyancer will be appointed in the agreement, who will attend to the registration of the transaction.
The seller or the buyer can appoint the conveyancer and you do not need to use the attorney of the estate agent.
When one party, the buyer or the seller, signs the agreement of sale, it is referred to as an offer to buy or sell, which becomes a legal agreement of sale when the other party signs and accepts the offer.

I am practicing as attorney and conveyancer since 1997 under my own company name. After completing my studies B Comm Law LLB at the University of Pretoria on 1987, I worked at the Deeds Office Pretoria for 2 years as an examiner of deeds. During this time I completed a National Diploma in Registration of Deeds at the Technikon RSA. After this I completed my articles whilst running the conveyancing department of 2 attorney firms. I was admitted as attorney and conveyancer on 28 January 1992 in the Supreme Court of South Africa. Then I established the conveyancing department of a third firm, where after I went on my own. I got married on 22 November 2014 and moved to Hoedspruit, where I opened my practice under the name and style of Petro Lessing Attorneys. I attend to all matters and know exactly what is going on in each and every file. No phoning and being put through to various staff members to get an update. I attend to property related matters and transfer registrations.

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