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CCDC - Consumer Care Debt Counsellor
Chris Hani Road - Klerksdorp

Consumer Care Debt Counsellor has been found in April 2010 by Simon Malete as one of his biggest dreams to achieve in life and the brand became fully effective in the year 2011.

He has been employed by Consumer Assist-Financial Wellness Centre, the largest debt counselling company in South Africa since 1 January 2009 to 1 April 2011.

Simon Malete, as a young guy, worked harder as a debt counsellor consultant helping over-indebted consumers to resolve their financial problems. The following fields were among his daily responsibilities - Marketing, Problem Solving (clients), Communicating with all credit providers resolving the problems related to debt review etc.

After one year and three months being employed by the company, he obtained a Debt Counselling qualification from Rudo Consulting in Centurion and he was accredited by NCR to be a Debt Counsellor.

He has convinced top management in the business, and he was converted to a Franchise in December 2010, but unfortunately that was not his field to be in. He went through with the company as a business partner for a period of five months and thereafter he decided to stand on his own.

Consumer Care Debt Counsellor (CCDC) provide a professional service "Debt Counseling” by using the consumer's own preferable language. Consumer Care intends to render a quality services in a simple way that leads to financial freedom.

Consumer Care is our priority!

NB!! It is your consumer right to receive debt review process in your own language - be proud of who you are and take action immediately!!

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