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Keltrade Cleaning Solutions - Manufacturer of quality detergents
Industrial Area - Parys

Keltrade is situated in the industrial area of Parys. The company was established in 2002, and has been manufacturing and supplying cleaning detergents, related products and services of high quality for the last 10 years! We service a wide range of customers and no order is too big or too small for the factory!The range of products is extensive and we endeavor to provide a 1-stop buying experience to our customers. Products: Detergents, washing agents and degreasers AUTO DISH P Detergent powder for automatic dish washing machines AUTO RINSE Rinse aid for automatic dishwashing machines CARPET SHAMPOO High foam liquid shampoo SUPERDISH Concentrated dish washing detergent (25% strength) DISH B Economic dish washing detergent DESCALEX Scales remover for pots and kettles DOG SHAMPOO Pine oil enriched shampoo SCRUB Ammoniated, slightly abrasive GP cleaner H.D.D.P Heavy duty degreasing powder MORTUARY CLEANER Ammonia based mortuary cleaner OVENCLEAN Oven and pan cleaner Not suitable for Teflon coated ovens! SUPERSOLV Heavy duty all-purpose solvent, surfactant cleaner MULTISOLVE General purpose cleaner SCOUR P Scouring powder WINGLO Glass and mirror cleaner (anti-static) Air fresheners AIRFRESH REFILL Refill for automatic dispenser - 3000 sprays Various fragrances available AIR FRESHENER Glade aerosol air freshener – different fragrances AIR FRESHENER Lavender; Seascape; Water Lilly; Cherry; Potpourri; Fern Fresh Bathroom and tile care BOWL GLO Toilet bowl deep cleaner – acid based BOWLSAN Toilet bowl sanitiser and deodoriser PINE GEL General purpose pine scented gel for ablutions. Contains pine oil. TILERITE Ceramic wall or floor tile deep cleaner DEO BLOCKS Fragranced deodoriser blocks 200g DEO CUBES Fragranced mixed colours deodoriser cubes 40g  Laundry detergents  CLASSICAL High grade washing powder. For use in front loading washing machines. BULKWASH General purpose laundry soap. Ideal for top loading washing machines and hand wash. FABSOFT Fabric softener FAT CRACK Fat stain remover for laundry use Sanitising and disinfecting agents  BLEACH Bleaching agent for laundry and sanitiser for kitchens and hard surfaces DOMESTOS Thick bleach THICK BLEACH Locally manufactured thickened sanitiser with 5% sodium hypochlorite DISQUAT Pine scented disinfectant and sanitiser DRAINCLEAN L Strong acidic drain cleaner DRAINCLEAN P Caustic based powder for outside use Car care  WASH & WAX Complete car shampoo WINDSCREEN WASH Concentrated windscreen washer for car washer reservoir ENGINEGLO Engine cleaner water based Hand and body care BODY SOAP Soft liquid soap for body wash BUBBLE BATH Fragranced bath water softener GRIMEGO GRIT Hand cleaner gel with grit CARE Smooth hand cleaner gel STERISOAP Scented liquid hand cleaner. Contains anti-bacterial agent Ideal for wall dispensers HAIR SHAMPOO Fragranced hair shampoo for regular wash Floor care FLOORSTRIP Caustic based floor stripper POLYSTRIP Ammoniated floor stripper. Concentrated. FLORDRESS Liquid floor dressing – 13 -15% polymer solids FLORSHINE Liquid floor dressing – 22% polymer solids WAX POLISH Traditional wax polish Pool care HTH CHLORINE Granular chlorine POOL ACID Hydrochloric acid 33% Solvents BENZINE Clear benzene – highly flammable METHS Coloured methylated spirits Brooms House brooms BROOM 038-006 Synthetic corn carpet broom BROOM 13250 Mini broom wooden handle BROOM 13359 Soft synthetic fibres in colours BROOM 13366 Soft synthetic fibres black rim     Platform/outside brooms BROOM 3251 Broom black coco fibres 460mm BROOM 3261 Broom gutter sweeper platform 305mm BROOM 3350 Broom Millenium platform 460mm BROOM 3351 Broom black fibres platform 460mm BROOM 3317 Wooden broom handle 1.2m x 25mm   Hygiene brooms BROOM 17686 Hygiene broom stiff red 305mm BROOM 17687 Hygiene broom soft red 305mm BROOM 17689 Hygiene broom soft red 460mm BROOM 27687 Hygiene broom soft blue 305mm BROOM 37687 Hygiene broom soft green 305mm Mops MOPD400 Drop mop 400g MOPD400 Dust mop complete 400mm MOPDR400 Dust mop refill 400mm MOPD600 Dust mop complete 600mm MOPDR600 Dust mop refill 600mm MOPD800 Dust mop refill 800mm MOPDFH800 Dust mop frame & handle 800mm MOPFAN Fan mop complete MOPFANHAND Fan mop wooden handle MOPFANH Fan mop head 400g MOPSTD Standard mop 200g MOPJUM Jumbo mop 300g MOPMEG Mega mop 400g MOP17590 Long hair mop wooden handle – Academy MOP18659 W2 Wet mop 265g – Academy MOP18662 W5 Wet mop 445g – Academt MOP7531 Sweeper mop frame only – Academy MOP7532 Swweper mop handle – Acedemy MOP7590 Long hair mop metal handle – Academy MOPALJ Jumbo mop aluminium handle MOPROL PVA roller mop Addis MOPWAXAP30 Wax applicator 30cm Brushes BRU3907 Brush Turks head sanitary BRU4003 Brush ST73 double wing 230mm scrub BRU4005 Brush SF82 flat union 280mm scrub BRU4015 Brush RB iron type scrub BRU4055 Brush c/w handle 280mm scrub BRU4059 Brush DS93 c/w handle deck scrub BRU4101 Brush PVC chubby 150mm scrub BRU4102 Brush ‘S’190mm scrub BRU4103 Brush flat trim 215mm scrub BRU4401 Brush lacquer colour border body BRU4451 Brush c/w handle 230mm body BRU7503 Brush plastic ‘S’160mm scrub BRUTD Brush toilet set deluxe white BRUTGH Brush toilet golf head wooden handle BRUUT Brush toilet union toilet brush only Squeegees SQUEW/D Windscreen washer disposable SQ18812 Hygiene floor squeegee 450mm SQ8802 Floor squeegee metal handle 450mm SQ8804 Floor squeegee metal handle 600mm Cloths, scrubs and pads CLOTH007 Dish cloth glass 40 x 70 – standard quality cloth CLOTH009 Dish cloth honey comb 38 x 65 – economic quality cloth - Rose CLOTHAP Cloth all purpose CLOTH005 Dish swab 32 x 32 - Rose DUSTERS Yellow duster cloth 10's CLO502d Quality Indian dish cloth CLO503 Dish Cloth Deluxe CLO532 Kitchen Towel Cloth Checked CLO509 Towelling Kitchen Cloth 509 CLOWIPE Coloured Wipes CLO503 Deluxe dish cloth CLO505 Dish swabs 30 x 30 – Premier CLO509 Towelling kitchen cloth CLOTER Terry dish cloth MUTTON CLOTH 400g WASTE CLOTH Polo rags PADTG Green thin line pad 100 x 150mm PADFS Foam scouring pad 3’s Refuse bags BLACK BAGS Standard refuse bags – 25 micron H/D BLACK BAGS Heavy duty refuse bags – 30micron BLUE BAGS Blue refuse bags – 25micron RED BAGS Red medical refuse bags – 25 micron Steelwool and Scourers STEEL WOOL Grades 0 to 4 steel wool pre-packs and jumbo rolls POTSCOURERS Pack of 36 Pack of 24 Toilet Paper, Hand Towels and Garage Rolls TOILET PAPER 48 VIRGIN 48's Snowsoft Virgin TOILET PAPER 48 ECON 48’s Virgin Economy TOILET PAPER 48 U/W 48's Unwrapped TOILET PAPER 2 PLY 48's Luxury Soft JUMBO ROLL Industrial type garage roll 165 x 1500mm KITCHEN TOWEL Tidy rolls 60 sheets Work wear Popular brands include the following: Fit for the Job, Javlin, Walklander, Chef Attire, Rebel Safety Gear, Lemaitre, Sisi, Fuel, Wayne Plastics Hotel and guest houseamenities Deluxe Range
Soap Pleat wrapped
Deluxe Range Shampoo
Bush Range Insect Repellent 34M
Bush Range Shower Cap
Shower Gel Honeysuckle
Tooth Kit Generic range (Aqua Paste)
Body Soap
Hair Conditioner
Hair Shampoo Clear
Hair Shampoo Pearlised
Hand & Body Lotion
Glycerine Soap                
Chemical Supplies                               

JVR Dental - Dr GD Janse van Rensburg Tandarts / Dentist
- Potchefstroom

About Our Dentist  - Dr Gerrit D Janse van Rensburg (BChD (Pretoria))

  • Friendly and trustworthy dentist. 
  • Use the latest technology. ·         
  • Committed to gentle compassionate care.
Our Services include:
Our practice is aimed at providing the best solutions to your dental problem regardless of what it may be.
  • Diagnostic service
    The key to solving any dental problem is diagnosing it without a proper diagnosis no problem will ever be solved permanently

    - All patients need a good set of x-rays –today these are all digital and available immediately – x-rays will show us everything we can’t see in the mouth we need to see inside the bone as well
  • Fillings
    Our restorations are all mercury-free. We use the latest product to fill teeth and produce excellent bonded, white restorations that look great and last a long time.
  • Crowns
    A “cap” is the lay term for a crown. It is a restoration manufactured in a dental laboratory which is placed over a broken tooth to restore it to its normal shape and size. A crown fits over the damaged tooth and protects the remaining part inside. A crown is usually placed when there is insufficient tooth structure to hold an ordinary filling or to improve the appearance of a tooth.
  • Root Canals
    If you have a tooth that has a diseased nerve, it can often be saved through a specialised dental procedure called endodontic therapy – also known as root canal treatment. We believe in saving teeth (instead of removing them) and will make every effort to help you keep your teeth for a life-time.
  • Kids are welcome
  • Emergency Care
No treatment is complete if we can not teach you and help you to maintain.

Monday – Friday 08h00-18h00
Every second Saturday – 09h00 – 13h00

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