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Guitar Man Music School & Shop in Klerksdorp

  • 23 Smit Avenue



  • Numbers

    Cell: 083 379 7944

    Social Links

    Website of Guitar Man Music School & Shop

  • We have a fully stocked Music Shop for all your Musical Equipment.

    We have a on-site Instrument Hospital so should your instrument need tuning or fixing, bring it to us, we have specialized people who will be able to fix and tune your instrument for you!

    Our aim is to work with you to reach your personal music goals through a variety of programs.

    All of our programs have one common vision – to take your hand and help you to attain your musical goals by coaching, training, encouraging and instructing you in a fun and exciting educational experience.

    Programs & Instruments:

    * Elite Guitar Program 1 (Guitar Lessons);
    * Boere Music Program 2;
    * Classical Guitar Program 3;
    * Acoustic Guitar Program 4;
    * Strat-up Program 5;
    * Violin & Viola Program 6 (Violin Lessons);
    * Musicianship & Music Literacy;
    * Ear Training;
    * Song Writing;
    * Music History;
    * Arranging;
    * Ensemble Training;
    * Orchestration;
    * Piano (Piano Lessons);
    * Keyboard (Keyboard Lessons);
    * Melodica;
    * Piano Accordion;
    * Pipe Organ / Church Organ;
    * Concertina;
    * Clarinet;
    * Tuba;
    * Euphonium;
    * Saxaphone;
    * Recorder;
    * Harmonica;
    * Singing;
    * Drums (Drum Lessons);
    * Percussion;
    * Music Lessons

    Please visit our website for more information or contact us if you have an instrument you would like to play.

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