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North-West University in Potchefstroom

  • Hofman Street

    NWU-Potchefstroom Campus


  • Numbers

    Tel: 018 299 1111

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  • As the largest and oldest NWU campus, with a history going back 141 years, the Potchefstroom Campus has a longstanding track record in delivering high-quality graduates and conducting pioneering research.

    The Campus, situated in the historical university town of Potchefstroom, traditionally drew its students from the Afrikaans-speaking community but today embraces a multilingual, multicultural working and teaching environment. For the benefit of non-Afrikaans students, for example, real-time classroom interpreting services are used in academic programmes regarded as key to the development of the South African economy. This has contributed to the ongoing growth of the Potchefstroom Campus, which had 35 174 students in 2008, including 18 800 students enrolled for distance programmes.

    The Potchefstroom Campus has eight academic faculties:  
    •  Arts;
    •  Natural Sciences;
    •  Theology;
    •  Education Sciences;
    •  Economic and Management Sciences;
    •  Law
    •  Engineering;
    •  Health Sciences.
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